SOLD ”Viuda de Manuel Ramirez”

The origins of this guitar are complex and dubious. In all probability, it is not an original Viuda de Manuel Ramirez, although some parts of it might be. It seems to have an original label, and several parts of the guitar looks as it is from the early 20th century, but it does not show the superior craftmanship one can expect from the Manuel Ramirez workshop. When it arrived it was in quite bad shape but luthier Johannes Kitselis has done wonders with extensive repairs and refurbishment resulting in a truly wonderful instrument with a most beautiful voice. I have chosen to set the price only from the quality of the instrument, diregarding the label since the authenticity is questionable.

Top: German spruce

Back and sides: Indian Rosewood

Price: 2500 €

About viuda de Manuel Ramirez guitars

Manuel Ramirez (1864-1916) was one of the most important luthiers in the history of the guitar. In his time, he was considered the heir to Antonio de Torres. Andrés Segovia played a legendary guitar from the Manuel Ramirez workshop during 25 years. The workmen at this workshop was a dream team made up of legends such as Santos Hernandez, Enrique Garcia, Domingo Esteso. After Ramirez’ untimely death in 1916, Hernandez, Esteso and a few more continued to make guitars for Ramirez widow under the label Viuda de Manuel Ramirez.

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