Scot Tremblay, Russian 7-string guitar, 2019

This is a brand new, stunning, Russian 7-string guitar built by Scot Tremblay.
This guitar is based on a Stauffer, but with one extra string on the fretboard. The whole 19th century Russian guitar tradition was based on the Viennese (Stauffer) style of guitar design.
This guitar is the perfect tool for anyone wishing to try the vast and beautiful Russian guitar repertoire with composers such as Sychra, Sarenko, Vetrov, Vyssotsky, Alexandrov, Morkov, Pavlov-Azancheev, Orekhov erc.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: flamed maple

Arched fretboard with adjustable action

Scale: 630 mm

Nut width: 52 mm

Price: 4200 Euro (including hard case)

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