SOLD: Sakazo Nakade, 1976

Sakazo Nakade and his brother Rokutaro Nakade studied with Japanese master violin luthier Kinpachi Miyamoto 宮本金八 in the 1930’s.
Miyamoto examined and measured Andres Segovia’s famous Manuel Ramirez guitar during Segovia’s Japanese tour in 1929.
Miyamoto never built guitars, but his students Nakade brothers did.
The Nakade’s also went to Spain to study guitar making with Ramirez and Aguado & Hernandez in the Mid Fifties.
Nakade guitars are high quality instruments and have a big following in Japan.

Nakade was the most famous Japanese guitar maker before Masaru Kohno became famous in the late 60’s.
Sakazo Nakade was concidered one of the founding fathers of classical guitar in Japan not only for his skills, but also for his prolific contributions to the luthier guild in Japan. He took on more than 30 student apprentices in his lifetime.

This particular guitar is in absolute pristine condition and looks almost as new.

It is a very typical Spanish construction with seven fan struts and very reminiscent of the Hernandez y Aguado guitars.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: Rosewood

Scale length: 65 cm

Upper nut width: 51 mm

Condition: perfect, no scratches, no dings, no cracks or repairs. Tuners are new.

Price: 2200 Euro

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