SOLD: Russian 7-string guitar c:a 1900

This is a very fine anonymous Russian 7-string guitar in exqusite materials. Solid Rosewood in the back and sides as well as ivory and mother of pearl in the details. Unfortunately the bridge has been altered to a Spanish style bridge, but this is very well done so there isn’t any real reason to change it back (except for aesthetical reasons).

This instrument is intended for the 19th and early 20th century Russian repertoire with composers such as Sychra, Sarenko, Vetrov, Vyssotsky, Alexandrov, Morkov, Pavlov-Azancheev and Orekhov.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: Brazilian Rosewood

Adjustable action mechanism (Stauffer style)

Condition: very good for the age, bridge not original.

Price: 2200 Euro

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