SOLD: Rene Baarslag, 1995

This is a very unique and interesting guitar. It was designed to facilitate the playing in higher positions; the upper part of the body has been made smaller so that the body meets the fretboard at the fifteenth fret. Moreover, the guitar has 23 frets, expanding the range of the first string up to almost two octaves. The sound of the guitar is very beautiful, with an emphasis on a singing treble register with great sustain. The basses are also very powerful.

Rene Baarslag was born in Holland in 1948 and was first educated in mechanical engineering but had a strong interest of guitar builing early on. After having made the decision to dedicate himself to guitar making, he moved to Granada after meeting Antonio Marin Montero. Baarslag is now one of the most successful makers in Granada and his guitars are played by guitarists all over the world.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: Indian Rosewood

Condition: very good

Price: 2850 Euro

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