SOLD: Paulino Bernabe model 50,1998

Paulino Bernabe is one of the top names among the great luthiers of the 20th century. Model 50 is one of his higher models and suitable for concert artists. The guitar has a rich and powerful sound and is very comfortable to play.

This guitar has been played a lot and you can see that it has been very much loved. This means that it has quite a lot of playing wear, both on the top and on the back, but it has no cracks or other problems so the scratches are only cosmetical. This is also the reason for the very low price (normally these go for sums between 5000 -8000 €).

Top: spruce

Back and sides: rosewood

Condition: much playing wear but no cracks.

Price: 3500 Euro

New price: 3000 Euro

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