There will be opening festivities for the new shop on January 12, from 13.00-18.00. You are all very welcome!
There will be music, drinks and snacks.
Vadsbro Annebäck 3 (outside of Flen)
If you are driving: take road 221 between Flen and Nyköping. Follow the sign to Erlandstorp until you see a guitar shop.
If you go by bus: get off at Vreta.

December 22:

The shop will be closed 23rd to 26th December because of two things: christmas and the fact that I will move to a new location. It is now empty, but soon it will have some seventy amazing guitars, books, scores, coffee and an amazing atmosphere. You are all welcome to my paradise!

June 25:

Many new exciting instruments expected in stock soon:

Fleta 1966 (ex Ernesto Bitetti), Johan Anton Stauffer, Bellido, Baarslag, Rohan Lowe, Kohno 20, Hans Raab (1908, 15-strings), Gummesson (ex Roland Bengtsson), Ramirez 4N, two French guitars from the 1820s, Rudulf Ladenstein, ten (10!) Bolin alto guitars.

March 4:

Today: a special emphasis on Swedish lutherie. These are the Swedish instruments currently in store (guitars by Ahlborg, Fredholm and others are on the way).
Top, left to right:
Karl-Erik Gummesson (1973, on hold)
Vasatti (2018) 4000 €
Levin (model 111) 2000 €
KB (1900) ”As is” 400 €
Harald Gerdin (c:a 1900) ”As is” 400 €
Christer Öhman, left handled Alto guitat (1989) 2000 €
Karl-Erik Gummesson, vihuela, ex-Gunnar Lif (1983) 1400 €
Heikki Rousu (2018) 4000 €
Georg Bolin (1971) 2200 €
Georg Bolin (1970) 2200 €
Anders Ahlborg, 8-course renaissance lute (2012) 2800 €

Guitars by Daniel Friedrich (1960), Ignacio Fleta (1973) José Ramirez III (1971), Georg Bolin (1971), José Ramirez II (1935), C. F. Bauer (c:a 1840), Zimmerman (10-string, c:a 1900), Mirecourt c:a 1820 and many more are coming up soon. Check the site for updates!

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