SOLD: Masaru Kono, 1961

This is a very early masterpiece by the great Japanese luthier Masaru Kohno (or Kono as he spelled his name in these early years). 1961 is the year after he came back to Tokyo after his studies in Spain with Arcangel Fernandez (and according to some sources Ignacio Fleta). In the 60s, Kohno still built true to the Spanish tradition and these guitars have a deep ”Spanish” sound with a strong presence in the bass.

This particilar guitar is a true gem with an incredible bass and beautiful mellow trebles. The sound is reminiscent of the old Spanish guitars from the early to mid 20th century. The guitar is in wonderful condition for the age.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: Indian Rosewood

Condition: some playing wear but very good for the age.

Price: 2800 Euro

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