SOLD: Masaki Sakurai Concert-R, 1992

This is a very fine Masaki Sakurai Concert-R from 1992.
Sakurai is the nephew, pupil and successor of the great Masaru Kohno. Sakurai guitars are a model of perfectionalism with fantastic woods and workmanship.
This guitar has a beautiful sound with a lot of sustain throughout all register and a great balance between bass and trebles.
The guitar is in good condition: a few small dings and a small opening between the back and the side which is stable and shouldn’t be a problem.
The guitar is offered at a very good price: less than a third of the new price.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: Indian Rosewood

Scale: 65 cm

Condition: good, some small dings and a little opening at the edge of the back.

Price: 2500 Euro

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