SOLD: Manuel Rodriguez Concert model 1980

Manuel Rodriguez concert model from 1980. We tend to think that guitars are getting louder and louder. This magnificent guitar proves the opposite. This guitar is dynamite and is just as loud as any modern double top or Australian lattice braced guitar. The difference lies in sound quality, what makes this guitar stand out is the combination of force with a beautiful and truly Spanish sound. This one is a pure delight!
The guitar has much playing wear and two repaired cracks on the top. But for playing, this guitar is in perfect shape. So; if you don’t mind a guitar that obviously has been played a lot and with a wonderful and powerful sound. This one is for you!
Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 66 cm
Condition: much wear and two repaired cracks but in perfect playing order.
Price: 2300 €

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