Sold: Manuel de Soto y Solares c:a 1880

Manuel de Soto y Solares ”Guitarra de tablao”. Seville c:a 1880.

Top: German spruce.

Back and sides: Spanish cypress

Manuel de Soto y Solares (1839-1906) came from a family of guitar makers that continued over four generations. He had his workshop on Calle de la Cerrageria #7, the same street where Antonio de Torres had his Seville shop. It is known that Torres and Soto y Solares had business together and that Soto y Solares acted as a selling agent for Torres’ guitars. José Ramirez III claimed that when Torres was not entirely happy with one of his instruments, he let Soto y Solares put his label inside it. Although there is no proof of this legend, there is an intriguing possibility that unknown Torres instruments might be hiding under a Soto y Solares label.

This guitar was made as a ”guitarra de tablao” with its carachteristic narrow body depth and was intended for the intimate flamenco bars in Seville.

The guitar was restored by Johannes Kitselis, who replaced the bridge and repaired a damage to the side.

Price: 2 500 Euro

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