Manuel de la Chica, flamenco guitar, 1965

I found this guitar in a bad condition with nine cracks to the back and two at the top. Despite the sad state the guitar was in, the sound was absolutely captivating. Since then, master luthier Johannes Kitselis has made a very extensive renovation; fixing all the cracks, cleaning and repolising the guitar and puttning on some very good tuning machines from Alessi ”flamenco”.

The guitar is now a true jewel with very Spanish ”flamenco” sound. It is light as a feather, the response is the fastest I have ever experienced and both the bass and the trebles has a wonderful, dark sound with a deep bass.

Manuel de la Chica (1911-1998) is considered the most important guitar maker coming from Granada. Together with Marcelo Barbero, he worked on the guitars left unfinished by the legendary Santos Hernandez and Chica’s guitars are very much based on Santos’ style. Manuel de la Chica is one of the most sought after Spanish guitar makers and the quality of his flamenco guitars has hardly been surpassed.

Due to the many scares after repaired cracks, the price is much lower than what the guitars of Manuel de la Chica normally go for. Here is a chance to purchase one of the best flamenco guitars ever made for a very modest price.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: cypress

Tuners: brand new Alessi ”flamenco”

Condition: completely restored and refurnished after many old cracks. Now in perfect playing condition with low action set for flamenco playing.

Price: 5000 €

New price: 4600 €

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