Karl Blomqvist ”KB” 1900

This guitar is typical of the very individual style among Swedish guitar makers of the late 19th century.

Karl Blomqvist came from a family of carpenters. He made guitars from the mid 1890s until the 1920s. His guitars are often very ornamented, especially the bridges which are more elaborate than can be seen on almost any other guitars. He also experimented with fan frets and other new ideas such as an iron rod inside of the guitar

This guitar is dated May 1900. It is playable but in need of renovation: it has a couple of open cracks. It is heavily built and probably intended for steel strings. The intonation could also be improved.

I would consider this guitar more of a work of art or interesting historical artefact than a musicial instrument.

Condition : playable but in need of restoration.

Price : 400 €

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