Julius Zimmermann, 1902. Ex Armas Järnefelt.

This is an incredibly ornate guitar with luxury in every detail; from the extensive mother of pearl decorations, the ivory linings, to the very expensive machines and the beautiful Brazilian rosewood back in one single piece.

The guitar was given to the famous Finnish violinist, composer and conductor Armas Järnefelt (1869-1958) during his successful tour of Russia in the early 20th century. Järnefelt was the chief conductor, and later director of, the Royal opera house in Stockholm. He was the brother in law of Jean Sibelius.

The guitar was originally made for seven strings but the bridge was changed to hold six strings (the machine head on the other hand still carries seven tuners). It is in good playing condition with some repaired cracks to the top. Regrettably, the new bridge is too heavy, resulting in a somewhat thin sound; this bridge is not original and it is advisable to change it to a thinner one (preferably with seven holes as in the original).

Included is a certificate from the Järnefelt family, confirming the origins of the guitar.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood

Machines: luxury, Stauffer type

Adjustable neck (Stauffer type)

Price: 4500 €

Price reduction: 3500 €

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