Josef Panyagua, 2015

Rodolfo José Rodríguez Paniagua (José Paniagua, Sierra de Fuentes, Cáceres) completed in 2015. This guitar has a Santos Hernández 1923 plantilla, beautiful woods and wonderful workmanship.

The guitar is very comfortable to play and has a very beautiful sound.

Top: German spruce, master category.

Back and sides: Madagascar (dalbergia baronii), master category.

Scale and nut: 650 mm /52 mm

Cedar neck

Fingerboard ebony.

Rosewood bridge with 18 holes.

Sound: Very Spanish character. With punch and balanced sound.

Gotoh tuners.

Playability: 3.5mm action at the 12th fret (6th string). Double radius carved neck (narrower in treble area than in bass area). This gives great comfort to the left hand.
CONDITION: It is pristine, practically new, without any ding, visible nail marks (except a little one on top ).

Price: 2500 Euro (including hard case)

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