SOLD: José Ramirez III 1A, 1980

The legendary model used by the most famous guitarists such as Segovia, Parkering, Yamashita, Söllscher, Fisk, Ghiglia, Yepes, Bream etc.

This is a very typical Ramirez 1A with its unmistakable sound.

Although forty years old, this guitar has no cracks or repairs and almost no scratches or nail marks. The only thing is that the laquer has cracks in several places, but the wood itself is without cracks.

The setup is perfect and it is very comfortable to play.

Top: Cedar

Back and sides: Rosewood (it has a Cites certificate)

Condition: very good; no cracks or repairs or nail marks but cracks in the laquer (not in the wood)

Price: 3600 Euro

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