SOLD: Hijos de Vicente Tatay, c:a 1950 (used but as new): 3000 SEK

Guitar made in Valencia c:a 1950 by the Hijos de Vicente Tatay. Although this guitar is more than sixty years old, it looks like new and has probably never been played. This guitar is perfect for the guitarist who wants the true Spanish sound with the typical deep bass and responsiveness.

Top: solid spruce

Back and sides: Mahogany

Price: 3000 SEK

Vicente Tatay was born in 1869 and established his workshop in 1889. He built guitars together with his sons who learned the craft from their father. The demand was very high and they started hiring more and more craftsmen as well as mechanizing some parts of the building process. Finally they set up a factory that made up to 40 000 guitars a year. When Vicente retired in 1942, the sons continued the production under the name Hijos de Vicente Tatay (meaning: sons of Vicente Tatay).

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