SOLD: Georg Bolin, 11-string alto guitar

This is Georg Bolin’s most famous and popular model: the 11-string alto guitar, tuned in G and intended for renaissance lute music. This is the model that many concert artists has used on stage and in the recording studio.

This guitar is one of the best sounding Bolin guitars I have tried; especially the first string is really projecting.

This particular guitar has had the label removed (the reason for this is unclear) and has one fixed crack on the top, otherwise it is in good condition.

Georg Bolin guitars are played by famous guitarists such as Göran Söllscher, Per-Olof Johnson, Mats Bergström, Rune Gustafsson and others.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: Brazilian Rosewood (cites certificate is included)

Tuners: Rodgers

Condition: one repaired crack on the top, label missing, apart from that it is in good playing condition.

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