SOLD: Gamaliel Yacopi, Barcelona 1946

An absolutely wonderful guitar that I have used in many concerts.

Gamaliel Yacopi (1878-1951) was born in Italy but worked in Barcelona from the early 20th century. He was the founder of the Yacopi dynasty (his grandson is now making guitars in Argentina). He had contact with many Catalan guitarists and he made a beautiful vihuela for Emilio Pujol. In 1949 he moved to Argentina together with his son José who was also a respected luthier.

In the history of guitar making, he is famous for his reversed fan bracing system. Apart from that, his guitars are very much in the Barcelona tradition and both in sound and appearance they are very similar to Simplicio’s guitars.

This guitar has a wonderful deep bass and mellow, and very beautiful trebles. It has three repaired cracks: one at the top, one in the back, and one on the side. The tuners has been changed to high quality Alessi tuners (I still have the original tuners if someone wants them). It is in perfect playing condition. The original case is included, it is in very good condition.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: Brazilian Rosewood

Tuners: Alessi

Condition: very good apart from three expertly repaired cracks; one on the top, one in the back and one on the side. Perfect playing condition.

Price: 4000 €

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