SOLD: French early 19th century guitar

This is an anonymous French guitar from c:a 1820.

This guitar is not only very beautiful in its proportions, woods, workmanship and ornamentation; it is also unusually good sounding.

This is a guitar for the demanding concert artist wishing to perform Sor, Aguado, Coste, Zani de Ferranti, Carcassi, Carulli, Regondi and others on an original period guitar.

The sound is sweet, clear and with a good volume and projection.

Included is a custom made Kingham case.

The guitar has been repaired and restored several times during its lifetime. The most recent was made by Roger Häggström, who did a great job and made the guitar a true joy to play.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: flamed maple

Frets: ivory

Tuners: Wittner Fine Tuning Peg Flamenco

Price: 2600 Euro

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