SOLD: Earl S Marsh, Model DSC, 2009 ”Phoebe”

This DSC model is a double/triple skin concert guitar with outstanding power and projection. Brazilian Rosewood has been used for the back and laminated with Spanish cypress. Master quality ”Kermodie” Lutz spruce has been selected for the soundboard and is traditionally braced with seven fan struts of fine grained European spruce. South American cedrilla has been used for the neck. This guitar has been finished with a traditional method of French-polishing.

Top: ”Kermodie” Lutz spruce

Back and sides: Brazilian Rosewood (cites certificate is included) laminated with Spanish cypress.

Scale length: 650 mm

Nut: 52 mm

Tuning machines: Irving Sloane

Condition: brand new. The guitar comes with a three year guarantee.

Price: 4200 Euro

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