David Bittner, Wien c:a 1855

David Bittner (1821-1887) was one of the most respected violin makers of his time. He also had a quite large output of guitars of very high quality and in the style of Stauffer.

In 1851, Bittner exhibited his instruments at the London world fair and it is of interest that the famous Giulio Regondi was in charge of testning the guitars.

In 1855, Bittner was awarded a first class medal at the Paris world fair.

This instrument is very similiar to the Viennese instruments from the Stauffer tradition; it has the typical head shape and the luxury tuners, as well as the adjustable action mechanism of the neck.

The guitar has been restored by Johannes Kitselis who made a new bridge, removed lacquer from an old renovation and reset the adjustable action mechanism. The guitar is now in absolute perfect playing order. And is perfect for anyone wanting to try the huge Viennese repertoire from the first half of the 19th century (Diabelli, Giuliani, Matiegka, Mertz etc) on a period instrument. The guitar has a beautiful and very clear sound, typical of guitar from the Viennese tradition.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: flamed maple

Luxury tuners, Stauffer style, adjustable action mechanism.

Scale: 58,3 cm

Nut width: 43,5 mm

Condition: many repairs but now in perfect playing order.

Price: 2500 Euro

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