Sold: Cadíz model, c:a 1850

It is hard to determine the country of origin of this guitar. It has features that point towards Germany, USA or even Cuba. It is a ”Cadíz model” inspired by the Andalusian pre-Torres guitars. Before the civil war, Martin and other American guitar companies were offering this model, but it was also made in other parts of the world, such as in Germany. In all likelihood, it was made somewhere between 1830-1860. The sound of the guitar is very beautiful, captivating and delicate and almost baroque-guitar-like. This is a guitar that has been played a lot through a century and a half. We have chosen not to polish it but to preserve the wear and tear as we see it as a sign of an instrument that has been deeply loved. It has been repaired by Johannes Kitselis.

Top: Spruce

Back and sides: flamed maple

While trying to determine the country of origin of this guitar, the one guitar I found with the closest likeness was a 1837 Francisco Pagés, located in the Museu de Música in Barcelona. The main difference between the guitars lies in the ornamentation of the sound hole. Also the interior is likely different since the Pagés guitars are known to have been fan braced, while the above guitar has only one transverse brace. See the Pagés guitar here:

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