SOLD: C Gustaf Berg, Gefle, 10-string c:a 1900

This is a very interesting Swedish guitar from the late 19th century. The guitar is in the tradition of Swedish luthier Otto Selling who was famous for his ten string guitars with this type if carved headstock. The luthier Berg (1867-?) lived in Gävle (old spelling: Gefle) until 1910 so since this guitar was made there, it was definitely built before 1910.

This guitar is not restored; it needs some work before it is fully playable. It is therefore sold ”as is” at a very low price. It looks as a carefully built instrument in good material so after some work, it can probably be turned into a fine guitar.

Top: spruce

Back: maple

Sides: birdseye maple

Condition: needs repair to be fully playable

Price: 400 Euro

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