SOLD: Bert Kwakkel, 1982

Bert Kwakkel is one of the foremost luthiers in Europe with a very long experience, having built guitars for almost half a century (since 1971).

Kwakkel is famous for being a luthier always searching for a better sound which have resulted in improvements of the bracing system.

Famous guitarists such as John Mills, John Feeley, Simon Dinnigan, Matthew McAllister, Julian Byzantine and many others have played his guitars.

This particular guitar has a lot of volume, clear and fast attack and beautiful singing trebles with a lot of sustain and at the same time lots of power in the bass.

Top: spruce

Back and sides: Indian Rosewood

Condition: very good except for a small crack very far out on the right hand cormer of the top. This is so far out at the side that it is unimportant.

Price: 2600 Euro

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