Anton Fischer, Vienna, c:a 1850

A truly enchanting guitar in the Stauffer tradition. Although Fischer does not claim so on the label, this guitar is a typical example of the ”Legnani-model” that was developed by Johan Georg Stauffer in the early 1820s with the typical adjustable action and shorter scale.

The sound of this guitar is very beautiful; mellow, clear and singing. The scale length is short and the nut narrow which especially suits guitarists with smaller hands.

Anton Fischer (1794-1879) was a student of Stauffer and opened his own workshop in 1821. During the 1850s, after Stauffers had ceased their business, Fischer was the foremost guitar maker in Vienna. He followed the Stauffer tradition very closely, but also had a number of original ideas of developement; one example being the higher bridge. One reason for this could be that Viennese guitarists at this time (like J. K. Mertz for example) started using the nails to pluck the strings, and Fischer’s higher bridges facilitated this technique since the higher bridge raises the distance between the strings and the soundboard (thereby the nails will not risk scratching the soundboard).

Top: spruce

Back and sides: flamed maple

Adjustable, and detachable neck ”Stauffer style”

Peg tuners

Condition: perfectly restored and in great playing condition, ready for concerts and recordings. The guitar has much playing wear and some, very expertely repaired cracks in the top and back.

Scale: 590 mm

Nut: 43 mm

Price: 4200 €

Price reduction: 3800 €

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