SOLD: 13-course baroque lute by Karl-Erik Gummesson, 1969

This is a fine instrument by the greatest luthier from Sweden at the time. Gummesson (1910-2000) made many copies of antique instruments such as lutes, baroque guitars and vihuelas and for many years he worked at the Museum of Music in Stockholm where he made copies of the instruments.

This lute is intended for the repertoire from the late 17th century to the 18th century with composers such as Weiss, Bach, Falckenhagen, Hagen, Baron, Vivaldi, Gaultier, Mouton and others.

Modern lutes are built more lightly than this one but when compared to other lutes from the period, this one is unusually lightly built. It has a beautiful, silvery sound. This is a great opurtunity for anyone wishing to try the beautiful and vast repertoire for baroque lute at a low price.

Top: spruce

Condition: very good for the age but with two small cracks on the back. These are stable and shouldn’t be a problem.

Price: 1150 Euro (unfortunately it comes without a case).

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